Hello everyone my name is RJ and yesterday Apple has announced August 1st. 2017 they will be selling the RED Raven 4.5K Cinema Camera in a kit consisting of a few items including a copy of Apple’s video editing software Final Cut Pro X. 

Product Information


The RED RAVEN Camera Kit gives you all the components you need to begin shooting true professional-quality video. Along with the kit you’ll get Final Cut Pro X*, which allows professional video editors to work quickly and easily with RED RAVEN footage on Mac notebook and desktop systems.

Designed and engineered to meet RED’s exacting standards for superior image quality, the RED RAVEN camera can capture high-resolution motion and stills in 4.5K Full Format at up to 120 frames per second (fps)—or 2K Full Format at up to 240 fps. It also allows you to take advantage of RED’s cinema-grade dynamic range and color science while offering the ability to record in REDCODE RAW (R3D) and Apple ProRes simultaneously.

The kit includes a lens, monitor, handle, batteries, media, and other components from RED and other professional brands, making it a complete solution for content creators. And weighing in at just 3.5 pounds (1.59 kg), RAVEN delivers the ultimate blend of flexibility and performance for any situation.


A complete solution that comes with lens, monitor, handle, batteries, media, and other components from RED and other professional brands and comes with content code for Final Cut Pro X props to Apple for doing this because its so un-expected.

16 stops of dynamic range for shooting HDR content right out of the box. Durable, lightweight (3.5 lb./1.59 kg) construction and the ideal blend of flexibility and performance. Great for shooting in any situation—documentaries, online content creation, or with drones and gimbals. Captures stills from motion to ensure you get the perfect moment. RAVEN and Final Cut Pro X provide a powerful package for stunning image capture and professional post-production.

What’s in the Box ?!


Content code* for Final Cut Pro X

RED DSMC2 Touch LCD 4.7” Monitor

RED DSMC2 Outrigger handle

RED V-Lock I/O expander


Two IDX DUO C-95 batteries with charger

G-Technology ev Series MINI-MAG reader

Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC lens

NANUK heavy-duty camera case

Tech Specs

Other Features: Charging, Still Photos, Tripod Mount, Video

Memory Cards: Flash Memory

Camera Type: HD Video

Max ISO: 12800

Max Shutter Speed: 1/8000

Power Source: AC, Battery Power

Batteries: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion

*After buying the RED RAVEN Camera Kit, you’ll receive an email with a content code that can be redeemed on the App Store for Final Cut Pro X. The code is usually delivered within one to three business days, Apple Says.

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